GameStop Giving Away a Street Fighter IV Arcade Machine

Gamestop may be seedy with their business practices, and their whole pre-order shenanigans. You know everytime you go to the damn store you’ll get asked if you want to pre-order a million different games. No, buddy why would I want t pre-order Street Fighter 4? You might not have enough copies, what kind of store are you? Who has ever had a problem finding a game day one, minus a few exceptions like Halo 3?

With all this aside, once in awhile pre-ordering can have its perks…like a $15,000 Street Fighter IV arcade machine. The massive gaming retailer is having a random drawing for a grand prize of this amazing cabinet. To be entered you have to reserve the upcoming fighter, who knows, maybe you’ll win.



One Response to “GameStop Giving Away a Street Fighter IV Arcade Machine”

  1. Hey steven,
    you listed that 2nd paragraph twice

    just letting you know dear.


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