Braid Review



Some would say Braid is a bit pretentious, and it is but who cares, I enjoyed every minute of Johnathen Blow’s Braid; including the many instances staring at a puzzle and cursing my television loudly because I was too stupid to get it instantly. Puzzle solving fun a la Portal in terms of unique challenges and fun mechanics. It should be cheaper than fifteen, not because I’m a cheap bastard afraid to spend money on fun, but merely because the price point will turn-off nae-sayers. Braid is easily one of the best Live Arcade games to date, despite the lackluster style of story telling, which could have been fantastic. Still, an ‘AAA’  XBLA game for certain. Braid is strictly for the Portal crowd, if you enjoyed Valves mind bending puzzle champion, the style of innovative game design, and the charming single player length not over staying its welcome, then its easy to recommend the puzzle that is Braid where no lies are told.


-Steven Beynon


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