Enemy Territory: Quake Wars














Quake Wars finally makes its way to consoles with a competent port. Though the conversion from PC to console certainly has its faults-such as slow reloading, lack of a grenade button, and abysmal weapon switching mechanics. This combined with a weak single player will turn off most console players. The singleplayer is basically a series of bot matches on each of the games twelve maps, although the bots are surprisingly intelligent. With a good team of people online the core game shines, but its a longshot that a community will be backing up this port, unlike it does with the PC iteration. Quake Wars is a heavy on team focused objectives, and unless you can gather up friends to play this your experience may not be so rewarding by playing with strangers who will most likely lack communication. 

Overall Quake Wars is a great game, but its a great game on the PC, a $60.00 price tag, and outdated visuals will more than likely force this game into the bargain bin. It’s a shame the game didn’t turn out like many people wanted it to, but if the large scale multiplayer is the itch that needs to be scratched, it seems like Battlefield is your only option.


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