Interpool: The Trial of DR. Chaos Review






Interpol: The Trail of Dr. Chaos is a simple point and click game, in which your task is to find pointless items in a mess. So does this game have any purpose being on the Arcade? Imagine a room with a giant clutter of crap, like, umbrellas, computers, clocks, and so on. Now, imagine you trying to find, say, a pencil in this mess, make since? Their’s a reason this type of “seek and find game” is only found for free in web browsers, and thats because when you are actually buying games their’s always going to be something actually worth money.

The whole game is about two hours long, and is really confusing. Interpol is often times obscure about what you need to find. I found my self randomly clicking until I found what I needed to find. It surprises me Microsoft would clog up XBLA with this atrocious waste of time. It’s fair to say Interpol: The Trail of Dr. Chaos might mean “best title of the year”, and win “worst use of DLC of the year” at the same time.


Steven Beynon


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