Knothole Island DLC Review






It was only a matter of time before Lionhead would backup its flagship game with some hot new DLC. The first of what is promised to be several different pieces of downloadable content is called Knothole Island. This package offers a quest line, which should take you anywhere from 2-4 hours to complete. In this brand new quest, you’ll find a dude in Bowerstone Market. He’ll tell you about Knothole Island, and its seemingly endless winter. Now it’s up to a good ol’ fashion hero to save this small island from extreme weather conditions. You’ll first be tasked with retrieving a totem that rids away the snow. After that, Knothole Island becomes a desert, so then you gather the rain totem to bring back water, but shortly after that people decide they hate constant rain, and so on…Its about as repetitive as it sounds, not to mention you’ll be fighting recycled enemies from the main game, their lots of beetles and shadow monsters to be found here.

What’s most aggravating of the puzzles in the various dungeons you have to solve with hitting orbs. Hitting a tiny orb in a split second over, and over requires a lot of trial and error, and will automatically turn off many players. This wouldn’t be as bad if the orb puzzles weren’t as ubiquitous as they are, but the game seems to use the puzzle mechanic as a crutch.

The main quest aside, Knothole Island has several other attractive qualities. What really seems to be the main focus of this DLC is fixing the mistakes you made with your character, and character re-creation. There are potions that will make you taller, skinner, more attractive, and even ridding away nasty scars. One of the most surprising things is that you have the ability to resurrect your dog in the main town. You can argue that negates what the ending was all about, or you could argue that the contents of DLC shouldn’t pertain to what the main game did. I was just shocked they allowed you to do that. Considering Knothole Island is more about its fun toys, and presents the player with more stuff than actual questing, this package seems to be a bad deal. To most people, I recommend saving your 800 Microsoft Points, but any rabid fan itching for an excuse to return to Albion, your not getting ripped off too badly.


-Steven Beynon




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