Lego Batman Review




Lego Batman is the fifth part in the popular Lego (insert popular LucasArt franchise here) series. With the lack of under the hood maintenance to the lego formula, this iteration comes with built-in problems that anyone who’s played previous games should expect. Lego StarWars was a success because it told a mature story in an innocent point of view, and Lego Indiana Jones was great because the films had so many iconic scenes to imitate. So what does Lego Batman do? Nothing really, it tells a generic original story, then expects you to care.


You’ll be doing the exact same stuff in this game, solving puzzles, punching baddies until they explode, and collected random stuff fr unlock ables. I’ve been playing games for a long time, and I found the puzzles to be a little more challenging then they probably should be. So the younger demographic may have some issues in several parts of this 30 level journey.

The decision on picking up Lego Batman revolves around two questions. Do you like Batman? Did you enjoy the past Lego games? If you checked yes to both of those questions, then It looks like a Batman purchase is in your near future. Otherwise, avoid. This isn’t a bad game, but it wont change your opinion on the Lego franchise. On a side note, the lack of online co-op in 2008 is inexcusable.



-Steven Beynon


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