Mercenaries 2 review






Mercenaries 2 is simply about blowing shit up, end of story. For anyone who’s played the first game, should come expecting the same type of game, just on steroids. The playground of destruction your dropped in is almost completely destructible, and it’s your job to finish your mission in anyway you see fit. From air strikes, to  tactical nuclear weapons, to just kicking down the door and kicking ass with an M16, World in Frames is a fantastic set piece for one of the greatest action game of this generation. 

So what can be wrong about a game that’s primary focus is giant explosions, and where rockets are ubiquitous? Well, Mercenaries 2 simply lacks polish, and it absolutely destroys what could have been an achievement in its genre. The AI is dumber than dirt, and the game just has a stigma to where every five minutes you question an aspect of the game, and wonder why it’s the way it is. For example, fire hydrates are more deadly to a tank than a charge of C4. Also, while cruising down the bright would of Venezuela you’ll see the same six-or-so cars repeated over, and over. Some times you’ll witness a traffic jam, but all the vehicles stuck are the same gray car driven by the same nonwhite guy. Things like that, are just lazy and don’t meet the standards of this generation.

Mercenaries 2 is a huge game with loads of stuff to keep you busy, some missions are pointless, and some offer something actually cool to do, like attack a castle full of rifle friendly pirates, and sink it to the depths of the ocean. Luckily, the co-op experience is a blast rivaling that of Crackdown‘s. This proves that blowing things up with a friend will always overpower the stench of a low-quality game. The co-op is drop in, drop out and uses the hosts game world to play around in. While the difficulty doesn’t scale to compensate for an additional player, it doesn’t matter. If Pandemic didn’t bother to incorporate some basic AI beyond the standards of the N64 classic Goldeneye, then if co-op scaled it would just add cheap explosions, and more enemies most likely. Did I mention it’s impossible to die because you control a super hero with one-hit melee kills, and can survive an artillery strike with 5 points of health? 

This sequel to an unexpected surprise is a perfect example of a depressing game that under six feet of dirt lies a game that isn’t an unplayable poor excuse for a current generation game. Co-op is a cheap thrill that I highly suggest you and a buddy rent together for a weekend, but beyond that, Mercenaries 2: World in the Toilet has no buisness taking money from your wallet, until you local Gamestop has it in the bargain bin.


-Steven Beynon


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