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It’s impossible to try and describe the absolute chaos that is Smash TV is. One of my personal favorite arcade games from the past. Not only are you treated to an arcade faithful recreation of a fantastically frantic game, but you are also given online play to a great co-op game. While I experienced getting kicked off 2 times, I can’t say if it was my poor connection at the time or the game itself. Regardless, the time I spent blowing endless swarms of enemies away with a buddy was exhilarating.
The game is designed kinda like Blade Runner. You are set in a futuristic TV game show and have to survive countless enemies to win prizes. That’s about it. You play through only 3 levels of mazes with multiple paths and literally THOUSANDS (if not more) enemies. Once you think things are going to settle down and you’ll move onto the next stage, you’re bombarded again. The enemies are relentless and come in droves…And then there are the bosses. Gigantic things that have multiple forms and shoot the hell out of everything are exactly the kind of bosses I like to fight. Smash TV does not disappoint at all in this aspect.
Controls are simple, left joystick moves, right joystick shoots. Sound is what is expected from an arcade game from the 80’s, but it isn’t horrible. Replay value is huge since there are multiple paths in each level, not to mention the seemingly impossible achievement system to beat the levels without continuing…And online play only adds to the replay.

This is a solid game and a classic experience. While not as satisfying as the similar Geometry Wars, it’s hard to compare the games since they set out to achieve totally different gameplay styles. If you’re looking for lots of mayhem on your Live Arcade, this is the game for you.


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